PIC-PC Parental Control Software

Limiting or Banning Facebook Use with PIC-PC Parental Control Software

Don't need all the complicated Parental Control features of PIC-PC?


FaceBook time limiting (total time each day, time of day) FaceBook monitoring including screen capture

This product includes a n overall PC time limiter too.

Click here for details of our new, easy-to-use product PIC-FB/Lite

There's plenty of software around that can block Facebook use completely (PIC-PC can block Facebook too, of course).  But to block Facebook is - in today's world - like  banning the telephone. What many parents really want  to do is : 

a) Limit Facebook time instead of blocking it completely. Limit to certain times of day (perhaps when you are home) or total time spent per day or per week. Click here to see a screenshot showing limiting FaceBook time limited 1 hour total on schooldays, and blocked 9am - 5pm and after 10pm except at weekends.

b) Monitor Facebook: Some parents also want to be able to  monitor Facebook use, screenshots of Facebook pages visited, chat conversations, etc. If you have a home network, you can  monitor screenshots in real time taken at 10 second intervals  - just like peeking over their shoulder! You can also look at what is effectively a 'time-lapse' movie of their past FaceBook activity by viewing saved screenshots and using the left and right keyboard arrows to scroll through the images.

c) Facebook Safety: Stop them entering sensitive data, like street name, school name, etc. Take a screenshot if they do, and optionally try to send a warning message to the other end of the chat conversation. This is currently unavailable when using Internet Explorer in 'protected mode', but we are working on it.

PIC-PC  Treats Facebook the same way as it treats Instant Messaging' activity by default, beacause that's how many kids use it, and the same safety concerns arise. 

a) Limiting time spent, or time of day: On the 'Rules' dialog (click here to see a screenshot), drop down the activity list on the top right of the screen. Select 'FaceBook / Chat'.  Now you can set maximum time limit per day, limit per week, and possible times of day that they can use it.  You can select up to 8 time periods where Instant Messaging (IM) is allowed for any day of the week, or special ones for holidays.
These time limits will be shared with programs like Windows Messenger etc. Kids only 'clock up' time on these when the window in question has the 'focus' - i.e. when they can type into it.  If they want to leave a chat program running (unused) in the background in case a friend comes online, the time counter does not run.

b) While you are on this dialog, click the 'Modify Monitoring Options'  button, and on the dialog (screenshot showing setting to take a screen grab every 20 seconds) that pops up you can set the level of monitoring you want to apply during 'FaceBook / instant messaging' activity.  Tick the  check boxes to enable key logging (everything they type), screen snapshots  on typed trigger keyword,  after so many keystrokes, etc.